On-site streem allows you to use all of the Streem tools while on location, automatically saving all of your pertinent job information to the call log, and enabling easy access for sharing with your team or client.

Note: For a  onsite Streem, the best practice is to pan your device from side to side before capturing a streemshot. This will allow the device to pick up more depth information, enabling more accurate measurements and annotations.

1. From the Dashboard tap the call log icon at the bottom of the screen.

2. Once you are in the call log, tap the on-site streem icon in the top right hand corner.

3. To record your entire on-site streem session, tap the record button. When you are finished recording tap the icon a second time. You can repeat this and take multiple recordings.

4. To capture a streemshot tap the camera icon.

5. To anchor an AR arrow, tap the arrow icon and tap where you would like it anchored on your screen.

6. To take a measurement tap the the measurement icon in the bottom right hand corner, then tap on your screen once for you starting point and a second time for your endpoint.

7. When you are finished with your onsite streem session, tape done in the top left hand corner.

8.  Your on-site streem session now completed. You will see it saved in your call log for later reference or easily shared with your team or client.

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