What are the tools? What they are and what they do.

The digital tool box is a set of tools that allow remote collaboration in a Streem call. They are designed to help a Pro guide their customer to the information that they need to quote, diagnose, and generally provide support.

For AR enabled devices there are four digital tools.

1. The first tool is record. Tap the record icon to start recording and tap again to finish. A pro can take multiple videos, which are saved to the call log.

2. The second tool is the the camera. Tap the camera icon to take a streem shot, capturing pertinent images for that job. All streem shots are saved to that specific call, with the ability to access after the Streem call.

3. The third tool is the laser pointer. Tap the laser pointer icon and drag your finger on the screen to direct your customer to what you need to see. The laser pointer is synced with you customers video, so they will see exactly where you are pointing.

4.  The fourth tool is the AR arrow. Tap the arrow icon and then tap your screen to anchor this arrow to objects in the space you are viewing.

For non-AR enabled devices a pro will have the tools mentioned above minus the AR arrow. It is worth mentioning that non-AR devices will also not allow for streemshots, instead taking normal photos.

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