Taking streemshots within a Streem call allows Pros to capture accurate measurements and annotate photos, while not having to sit in traffic or go on-site. For this feature to be enabled, you must have an AR capable device. Check here for AR device info

Note: For a remote Streem the best practice is to direct your customer to pan their phone from side to side before capturing a streemshot. This will allow the customer's device to pick up more depth information, enabling more accurate measurements and annotations.

  1. Access the call log by tapping the call log icon from the dashboard.

2. Tap the call log you would like to view.

3. Choose the photo you would like to measure or annotate.

4. To measure, tap the measure icon in the bottom right hand corner. Tap once on the image for the starting point of your measurement. Tap a second time on the image for the endpoint of your measurement.

5. You can also annotate the photo by dropping it on specific objects or points. Tap the arrow icon and then tap the screen of you device.

6.  Once you are finished marking up your streemshot it will automatically update in the cal log.

7. The streemshot is now ready to be shared with your client, team or whoever you'd like that has access to a web browser.

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